New 3D Printers


We acquired three new Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printers which are setup and running. We also have scheduled a monthly class for those wanting to learn how to operate them correctly and get good quality prints. You need to be a member to use these printers so this class if for paying members only. We will also setup a user group meeting for those with general interest to talk shop about 3D printing.

Shapeoko 2 Now Working


Thanks to some work by Jim Kennon and other members, we now have the Shapeoko 2 up and running. It is a little finicky, but it works pretty well once you have your gcode ready to run. If you haven’t used it before, ask around for help to get you started. Members can post a request on the mailing list.



SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD are now installed on two of the PCs in the classroom area. You can use these tools to design parts for your projects. We are also setting up some training for those who are new to CAD to help get them up and running.

What’s New In The New Year At Benicia Makerspace