If you haven’t been to Benicia Makerspace is a while there are some new additions around the space.

CAD Workstations

IMG_20150915_144925We have two new workstations at the space that are loaded with AutoDesk Product Design Suite Ultimate. We are working on gettingĀ licenses for Solid Works as well. These workstations are for members to use to design new products/parts that could be fabricated or simpler designs that could be sent to the 3D printer or CNC machines.


IMG_20150915_144833We now have folding chairs for classroom use or anything else. Please put them away when you are done using them. It might not seem like a big deal, but getting chairs in bulk is expensive. These used chairs were purchased on craigslist at a discounted price.


IMG_20150916_131125The security cameras are up and running. You will see these Raspberry Pis around the space with red and blue lights. These are our CCTV security cameras and will be running at all times to provide a safe space for all members to work in. If you are curious about how we set these up just ask Aaron at our next open house.

If you have questions about anything new you see around the space, or if you are a member and have ideas for what we should add just let a board member know.




What’s New At Benicia Makerspace – September 2015