We are looking to fill a few positions on our planning committee for this year’s Benicia Mini Maker Faire.

Volunteer Coordinator: This person will attend regular planning meetings, and work with school and community volunteer organizations to recruit the volunteers we need to help run the event. They will also schedule and coordinate staffing before and during the event itself so we can make sure everyone gets a chance to experience the event as well as helping out.

Photographer: This person will take high quality photos and videos on the day of the event. He/She will need to attend one or two planning meetings.

Marketing: This person will attend regular planning meetings, and will be responsible for coordinating press releases, email campaigns and marketing materials to help spread the word about our event.

If you are interested in volunteering to fill any of these positions please let us know ASAP by contacting aaron@beniciamakerspace.com.

Volunteer Coordinator, Photographer and Marketing Help Needed for Benicia Mini Maker Faire