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This is a place for makers to collaborate and/or archive their projects and ideas to help other makers with their own ideas in the future.

Basic Info - Information about the Space, including Forum

3D Printer Page - 3d Printer Usage, Projects, and Forum

CNC Milling Page - CNC Machine Usage, Projects, and Forum

What is the difference between a MicroConroller and a MicroProcessor?

So you might just be new to all this jazz and would like to know what to use for a project?
Check this page out to learn why you might want to use either of these pillars of the maker movement.
Just information here, no forum.

MicroControllers Page - Arduino, ESP8266 (or similar), Usage, Projects, and Forum

MicroProcessors Page - Raspberry Pi (or similar), Usage, Projects, Forum

Combined Projects - Projects containing both Raspberry Pi and Arduino (or similar MP or MC), and Forum

Informational Repository - The location for a knowledge database that will help other users, includes Forum

Projects Gallery - Here you can view some of the many projects that our makers have completed

Home Automation - IOT - This is the section which describes many methods of creating the Internet Of Things or Home Automation. This includes uses of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, MQTT. Plus there is also a forum for questions about these processes.

Outdoor Projects - Here are some ways in which either Rpi or Arduino are being used ouside. This could be Home Irrigation, Various Sensors, Remote Motor Control, etc. It also includes a forum.