General Information

Please use this for anything that involves the makerspace.


Mailing List - This is a mailing list for members only. Every member should request access when they join and make sure these emails don't go to spam. We use this to ask each other for help and to communicate urgent news about the space such as closures. You can interact with it right from email or browse the topics that others have submitted by clicking here.

Policies & Procedures - Here are the rules and regulations that we all agree to abide as members of the Benicia Makerspace

Ideas & Inovations - Here we can all truly become a makerspace, bring forth any new plans that you might have to improve our space. Please feel free to discuss it in the included forum. (Spreadsheets also available)

Issues & Concerns - Here we need to let our voice be heard about what is bothering us about the space. Please feel free to link to possible solutions found within the Ideas & Inovations section. Forum is available to hear your complaints, whatever their nature.