Abandoned Spaceship

Don Shields, a frequent visitor the the MakerSpace shop has been working on his latest creation “Abandoned Spaceship” for many months now. You will normally see Don using the metal shear, drilling assembly holes or TIG welding, all new skills he has learned at the Benicia Maker Space.

Don and his lovely wife Michele Rowe-Shields retired to Benicia 3 years ago, maybe with the idea of just kicking back and taking life easy. But one look at Don and you can see that here is a man with a mind that does not shut off. He was born to create. Don didn’t always create fantasy sculpture like the “Abandoned Spaceship” but was an accomplished artist with a gallery in New York city in the 80s and 90s. After seeing the magic and power of digital art Don went on to develop new skills in 3D animation and video game development. He and his team won the Murphy award in 1995 for best digital explosions in their “Blown Away” project for Imagination Pilot beating out Lucas Arts. Later, after moving to San Jose, California, Don taught 3D animation and Video Game development at Mission College. Michele most recently led the Outdoor Sculpture Program at Montalvo in Saratoga and had a stellar career as curator and director of many art centers and museums across the US.

Here are some images of Don’s latest creation the “Abandoned Spaceship” 



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Member Highlight . . . Don Shields!