For many of us that work with electronics it is sad to see Radio Shack close it’s doors for good in Benicia and around the country. For so many years it was the place to run to in an emergency when you just needed a switch or resistor to finish out that project you were working on. Radio Shack was founded in 1921 in Boston, MA which makes it one of the oldest chain of retail stores and certainly one of the oldest electronics stores.

At Benicia Makerspace we were lucky enough to get some the fixtures from our local store to use in our new space. In addition to the electronics cabinets, we can re-purpose some of the display tables to be used as work benches. The display racks will make good, portable tool storage. If you are ever nostalgic feel free to come by and sign up for a membership!

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Goodbye Radio Shack. Hello Benicia Makerspace!